Exciting Changes Are Coming!

Landscaping renovation underway

Our Gateway Village is scheduled for some pretty awesome updates in the coming weeks! Unfortunately, some areas will probably look worse before they get better. But believe me, they are going to continue to improve as the summer heat approaches.

We ask for your patience before and during the process. Here’s a quick overview of scheduled Spring projects…

Flower Beds & Common Areas

• All homeowner flower beds and common areas will be weeded.

• Dead & diseased shrubs and plants will be removed from all homeowner flower beds and common areas.

• All shrubs and trees will be pruned to optimum growing height.

• New shrubs will be installed where necessary.

• Seasonal flowers to be added to all common area beds.

• ALL flower beds and common areas will receive new blanket of brown mulch.

• Repaired Irrigation System will be operational.



• Post-emergent weed killer to be applied in all areas.

• Entire community to be top-dressed and leveled with sand and soil mixture.

• Entire community to be core-aerated to promote grass growth and revitalization.



• Where necessary, community to be over-seeded with Princess 77 Hybrid Bermudagrass. Newly sodded fescue areas will not be treated.

• Entire community to receive fertilization treatment.


These are just some of the highlights for what’s planned! Engineering plans are also underway to complete the much anticipated Cumberland front entrance as well as the final grade of paving for Gateway Court. Thank you for your support and enjoy the exciting changes in your neighborhood!