UPDATE AS OF JULY 21, 2020:  The Gateway Village Board has been notified that the street paving will begin during the week of 7/27Additional details are expected to be shared as soon as possible. During this time, please arrange personal parking which creates clear access for street paving, as well as availability for your personal entrance / exit to the neighborhood.


Broken curbs are being removed before asphalt is laid. The person responsible for this work is Tom Ragsdale, General Contractor for developer Dr. John Rutledge of American Physician Partners. Mr. Ragsdale is responsible for the completion of the Gateway Court area closest to Franklin Road (called “Section 7” – the southern portion of our neighborhood near Clearview Baptist Church). Drainage pavers and a final water retention system will also be built. 

 If you have questions, you may direct them to Mr. Ragsdale at [email protected] or 615-330-1969.


JULY 21, 2020: Pavers on Cumberland Park Drive have been leveled and repaired. Pressure washing of sidewalks is completed. This week and for the next several weeks, Gateway Court curbs, roads, and pavers will be installed. Thank you for your patience as you navigate around the construction.


Allegiance Pressure Washing has been authorized by the Association to perform community-wide pressure washing of all sidewalks and patio steps (including front wall by steps facing sidewalks).  If the weather permits, the crew will arrive between 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. starting Monday, July 6, 2020 and ending Friday, July 10, 2020.

Since patio stairs will be washed, if any crud is blown up on the porches and needs to be rinsed off, we ask that everyone removes anything small, delicate, and/or fragile from front patios.  Please move all potted plants off of stairs,  and move any items away from edges of the porch as well so they can clean the forward-facing walls.

If your unit is rented please share this email with your tenants as the HOA does not have all tenants emails.

Please let me know if you have any questions

On behalf of the Board,
Lori Covarrubias
Property Manager
HND Management


A Message from Doug Pratt, City of Franklin: “I spoke with Mark Young with MAY Construction this morning. He plans to start work on the crosswalks next Tuesday (6/23/2020) morning, weather permitting. This is roadway work so unless severe storms are occurring at the moment or expected to persist all day, they will be there.

Their intentions are to start with the two crosswalks in the inbound (ingress) lane on Cumberland Park Drive and the one crosswalk at the first alley entrance to the left. 

They will then move to the outbound (egress) lane and finish with those three crosswalks. MAY Construction will close and open each lane after completion of the work. The required work will close that particular lane for approximately two days. This will allow an access for emergency vehicles on the ingress or egress lane which is open, should they be needed for an unexpected event. They will use safety cones and road closures signage to close the lane they are performing work on until it is completed.

I know this will be an inconvenience for the residents and neighborhood, but our hope and intention is to complete the work as soon as possible.”

Doug Pratt, Road Inspector
City of Franklin
124 Lumber Drive
Franklin, Tn 37064
Office 615-791-3254
Direct 615-550-6894

Fax 615-791-3200