Turf Management In GV

A Better Look Is Coming!

One of the most challenging issues in our community is turf management. To put it bluntly, we must improve the turf care throughout our community. There are far too many areas that are infested with unsightly weeds or simply no grass at all! Fortunately, all can be remedied with proper remediation and care.

This Spring the GV Board of Directors approved a sweeping plan to increase the beauty of our community. A large part of that plan includes more stringent oversight of existing practices and multiple new projects. One part of that is top dressing distressed areas throughout the neighborhood.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, then think of a golf course. While our end game is not to replicate a golf course, we can do much better than current conditions. A sand/topsoil mixture is overlaid in areas that have suffered erosion or excessive traffic. By leveling low spots, you prevent water ponding and uneven grass cutting.

The process also provides needed nutrients to the soil and enables grass to grow faster and thicker! The following is our timeline for improving turf in our community.

Turf Management Program

• Grass Cutting/Edging/Blowing Day – Fridays (begins May 8th)

• Treat ALL existing Town Home & Common Areas with Dicamba Herbicide. This service has been completed for 2020.

• The herbicide is used to eliminate emerged weeds and unwanted grasses.

• Our goal is promote tall fescue grass growth.

• All common and Town Home areas were top dressed with sand/topsoil mixture to level uneven and erosion affected spots.

• All common and Town Home grassy areas will be core aerated.

• Fescue Tall Grass seed will be over-seeded in those areas.

• Community-wide irrigation system will be initiated.


Before it gets better, it will be messy. There’s just no way around that. But within the next few weeks, you will begin to see new growth from the seed application.

Since garden home owners do not pay HOA dues for extended yard service, their yards will not receive any of the treatments listed above. Those services will require an additional fee. However, if you are a garden home owner and wish to be included, please send a request through the home page contact link!

By mid-June we will begin to see the fruits of our efforts!  Our goal is to have one of the most beautiful communities in Franklin. You deserve no less.