Tree Pruning In Our Community

Why do you do it?

At the direction of the GV Board of Directors, multiple vendors were chosen to prune all shrubs and trees in our community. A few homeowners inquired why pruning was necessary, and that’s a very good question!

Basic Reasons for Tree Pruning

• To Improve the overall aesthetics of neighborhood with same species trees trimmed to uniform height.

• Trimming limbs from the bottom up promotes new branch growth.

• In the case of crepe myrtles, trimming promoties more vigorous branch growth with new shoots giving rise to this year’s blooms.

• Branch trimming is necessary to prevent leaves from clogging gutters and downspouts.

• Branches must be trimmed away from home facade to reduce mildew.

• Dead or damaged branches must be removed to promote health of tree.


Tree pruning is much like getting a haircut! At first, it looks like it’s too much. But with the proper technique and timing, it will look beautiful in its season. We have some wonderful trees in our community, and we want them to stay that way!

If you would like to serve on a committee charged with caring for these beautiful community enhancements, please send a notification from the home page contact link!