Road Repairs In Our Community

Developer Is Working With Us!

After numerous delays, the final top grade of paving for our community is coming! The Board of Directors has been working closely with our developer and engineers with the City of Franklin. Plans are being submitted to the City of Franklin that include streets, drainage and the infamous paver requirements. If it seems like a slow process, it’s because it is!

When Gateway Village was first presented as a planned community, there were numerous construction conditions that must be met. That includes downstream water mediation measures as well as structural and topography requirements. Put simply, Gateway Village must comply with water handling engineering guidelines. Those measures also factor into our streets as well. There are many interconnected events that must be presented at one time.

The good news is we are making progress. In early April drain silt covers were removed throughout the neighborhood as a first step in the process. We’re hopeful the engineering report will be approved by the City of Franklin. Once that is done, authorization to pave the remaining areas on Gateway Court can begin.

The Process

• Work with developer to identify appropriate BMP (Best Management Practice) to comply with City of Franklin engineering authorities.

• Submit proposed plan to City of Franklin for approval.

• With approval, developer can begin multiple phases including water retention and roads.

• Be patient.


Progress is being made, and we hope this will be completed by summer. If you have additional questions, please send a notification from the home page contact link!